children and technology part 2

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Looking forward to when I have my own children I would like to try to avoid being dependent on technology to help raise my children while they are young. By this I mean that I would use an iPad to entertain the children while I was doing something. That’s not to say I don’t want children not to be able to use technology but I would like to limit it so that I can avoid mistakes were children rack up large bills when playing games or using apps and also so that they can still use books and other traditional sources of information. I suppose what would be looking to do would be to try and teach my children about being responsible when using technology as we already have a lot of problems and difficulty with children being online in the present day, so who knows what the future holds especially with some of the technology being developed. Another difficult decision for parents is when to give your children their first mobile phone, as I said before I got my first mobile phone at 16 this is perhaps a bit late in the modern age but at the time it wasn’t a problem as most kids my age didn’t have mobile phones. One issue of giving very young children their own mobile phone could be that while it gives them the freedom to go out and communicate with their friends but if they have an agreed time which they must be home and they don’t make the deadline it is easier for the children to stay out later when they have a mobile phone and say no to their parents than it is for a child without a mobile phone. One positive for young children having a mobile phone is that is the worst was to happen the police have the technology to find the mobile or use the history of use to find out where the child could be. This is obviously a big debate on whether or not children should have access to technology and what are your thoughts on this?


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